Cosmic Tetriz Puzzles Game

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The **Cosmic Tetriz Puzzles** game is a delightful twist on the classic Tetris concept. While it retains some elements from the iconic puzzle game, it ventures into cosmic territory. In this space-themed adventure, your goal is to construct a spaceship and launch it into deep space. The ship's design can be as unconventional as you like—there's no need to adhere strictly to tradition.

To play, you'll fill templates with colored block shapes, ensuring that all suggested numerical values fit and no gaps remain. Each piece has its designated spot on the grid, adding an extra layer of challenge. As you progress through the game's **45 levels**, each subsequent level becomes more difficult than the last.

Click and drag the colorful Tetrimino pieces onto the grid Ensure each Tetrimino piece is correctly placed Complete shapes by fitting Tetriminos together on the grid


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