Tetris 24 Puzzle Games

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Tetris 24 Puzzle Games is a collection of 24 challenging and addictive puzzle games that will test your logic, strategy and reflexes. You can play classic Tetris, or try one of the 23 other variations, such as Tetris Plus, Tetris Attack, Tetris 3D, Tetris Marathon and more. Each game has its own rules, goals and difficulty levels, so you will never get bored or run out of puzzles to solve. Whether you want to relax with a casual game, or challenge yourself with a hardcore mode, Tetris 24 Puzzle Games has something for everyone. You can also compete with your friends online, or share your high scores and achievements on social media. Tetris 24 Puzzle Games is the ultimate puzzle game collection for fans of Tetris and brain teasers.

Mouse or keyboard


Block Puzzle Brain Puzzle