World of Alice Sequencing Numbers Puzzle Game

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**World of Alice: Sequencing Numbers** is an enchanting math game designed for kids. In this delightful journey, players help Alice arrange numbers in a fascinating puzzle. The game transforms learning numerical sequences into an adventure, making it engaging and captivating for young learners. Whether played on cell phones, tablets, or computers, **World of Alice** offers an accessible and excellent educational resource.

The game blends the charm of the ABC song educational game with the engagement of educational game apps. It turns numerical order into a quest rather than a mundane task. What sets it apart among educational game apps is that it provides many learning opportunities without any cost. The age range covered by **World of Alice** ensures that it caters to toddlers (three-year-olds) up to older children (ten-year-olds). Whether you're seeking educational game apps for eight-year-olds, five-year-olds, or six-year-olds, **World of Alice** has something unique to offer.

This innovative approach to learning has earned **World of Alice: Sequencing Numbers** recognition in educational game awards. It stands alongside other titles like the Among Us educational game and Vlad and Niki educational game, showcasing how digital platforms can enhance learning experiences beyond traditional methods.

Click on the number corresponding to your place in the numerical sequence


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